Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans)

ИмеJunior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans)
Дата на преобразуване01.12.2012
Размер117.99 Kb.
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2012 Indoor Harford County Farm Fair Results


Leah Anderson: Cookies, Crafts, Fine Arts, Photography

Mary Balint: Cookies, Fine Arts

Lilly Barrett: Cookies, Plants & Flowers, Fine Arts, Photography

Lauryn Carr: Photography

Sydney Crockett: Cake, Fine Arts, Photography

Benjamin Dietz: Cookies, Fine Arts

Julia Dietz: Cookies, Crafts, Fine Arts

Hank Emmel: Crafts

Andrew Foulk: Cookies, Crafts, Fine Arts, Photography

Andrew Fulco: Woodworking, Crafts

Caroline Hilyard: Cookies, Crafts, Photography, Fashion Revue

Isaac Hinegardner: Cookies, Garden Vegetables

Elisabeth Holmes: Cookies, Plants & Flowers, Crafts, Photography

Courtney Jacobs: Quick Breads, Clothing, Crafts, Fashion Revue

Michael Klein: Cookies, Woodworking, Natural Science, Crafts

Dillon Koop: Cookies, Crafts, Photography

Jenna Koop: Cake, Crafts, Photography

Cole Lewis: Crafts, Fine Arts

Eric Markovic: Crafts, Fine Arts

John Mayers: Natural Science, Crafts

Mekenzie McCann: Cake, Crafts

Norah McElwain: Quick Breads, Cookies, Crafts, Fine Arts, Photography

William Pelt: Garden Vegetables

Samuel Raedeke: Cookies, Crafts

Erin-Kate Roeder: Crafts, Fine Arts, Fashion Revue

Allison Stewart: Cookies, Crafts, Photography

Julissa Story-Cruz: Photography


Food Preservation


Ian Forbes: 1st Apple butter

Lina Goetz: 1st Strawberry jam

Madeleine Ortt: 1st Applesauce, 2nd Pickled beets (sliced)

Brynn Schaedel: 1st Peaches (pieces), 1st Beans (green), 1st Carrots (sliced/diced), 1st Tomatoes (broken in juice), 1st Salsa (hot), 1st Pickled beets (sliced), 1st Bread & butter pickles, 1st Sour or dill pickle, 1st Apple jelly, 1st Grape jelly, 2nd Peach jam

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Brynn Schaedel (carrots)

JUNIOR RESERVE CHAMPION: Brynn Schaedel (green beans)


Sararh Burton: 2nd Strawberry preserves

Emily Dietz: 1st Raspberry jam

Kelly Foulk: 2nd Marmalade

Gracie Goetz: 1st Blueberry jam

Emily Miller: 2nd Salsa (mild), 1st Strawberry jelly

Sarah Ortt: 1st Tomatoes (whole), 1st Pickled beets (sliced)

Alisa Schaedel: 1st Peaches (pieces), 2nd Beans (green), 2nd Salsa (hot), 1st Sour or dill pickle, 2nd Dried herb (single), 1st Apple jelly, 1st Grape jelly, 2nd Peach jam

Maddie Smith: 1st Freezer jam

Andrew Wood: 1st Salsa (mild), 1st Marmalade

Michael Wood: 1st Applesauce, 1st Salsa (hot)

INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION: Sarah Ortt (tomatoes)


GRAND CHAMPION: Sarah Ortt (tomatoes)


Katie Malkus: 2nd Strawberry jam

Emily Wakefield: 2nd Beans (green), 1st Tomatoes (broken in juice), 1st Strawberry jam

Rachel Wakefield: 1st Strawberry preserves

SENIOR CHAMPION: Emily Wakefield (tomatoes)

SENIOR RESERVE CHAMPION: Emily Wakefield (jam)

Foods & Nutrition


Ashley Beichler: 1st Brownies (chocolate), 4th Chocolate chip cookies, 4th Snickerdoodles, 1st Peanut butter cookies

Alyssa Binns: 1st Chocolate chip cookies, 2nd Oatmeal drop cookies, 2nd Snickerdoodles, 1st Sugar cookies, 1st Cookies (other), 1st Cup cakes (chocolate)

Hannah Burgess: 3rd Coffee cake (cinnamon), 2nd Bread machine, 1st Fancy cookies, 1st Chocolate cake

Bridgette Carven: 1st Brownies (other), 1st Snickerdoodles, 1st Fudge

Marley Copes: 2nd Pound cake

Lindsey Crockett: 2nd Chocolate chip cookies

Allison Dietz: 1st Oatmeal drop cookies

Ian Forbes: 1st Quick bread (other), 3rd Snickerdoodles

Sydney Forwood: 2nd Coffee cake (cinnamon), 3rd Pound cake

Megan Foulk: 1st Gingerbread, 3rd Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Mints, 2nd Nut brittle

Lina Goetz: 1st Muffins (other)

Elijah Hinegardner: 2nd Bar cookies

Allison Hopkins: 1st Rolls (other), 1st Loaf (other)

Hannah Koop: 1st Bread machine, 1st Bar cookies

Nick Mayers: 2nd Shaped cookies

Emma Olsen: 1st Pound cake

Cassie Rickey: 2nd Brownies (other), 2nd Cookies (other)

Tanner Russell: 1st Coffee cake (fruit), 2nd Fudge

Brynn Schaedel: 1st Muffins (corn), 2nd Brownies (chocolate), 2nd Sugar cookies, 2nd Chocolate cake, 1st School lunch box

John Stauffer: 1st Baking powder biscuits (rolled), 1st Coffee cake (cinnamon), 1st Rolls (white), 1st Loaf (white), 1st Cup cakes (white), 1st Cup cakes (yellow)

Emily Toepfer: 2nd Cup cakes (yellow)

Ben Truxel: 2nd Quick bread (other)

Daniel Truxel: 3rd Quick bread (other)

Heather Wheeler: 1st Vegetable/ vegetable & nut bread

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Allison Hopkins (rolls)

JUNIOR RESERVE CHAMPION: John Stauffer (coffee cake)


Andrea Anderson: 2nd Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Peanut butter cookies

Amelia Beichler: 3rd Oatmeal drop cookies

Joey Burgess: 2nd Coffee cake (cinnamon), 1st Bread machine, 3rd Brownies (other), 1st Bar cookies

Julia Burkheimer: 3rd Other fruit pie

Sarah Burton: 1st Brownies (chocolate), 1st Oatmeal drop cookies, 3rd Snickerdoodles, 2nd Peanut butter cookies, 2nd Cup cakes (chocolate)

Amanda Condict: 1st Brownies (other)

Caroline Copes: 4th Rolls (white), 2nd Sugar cookies, 2nd Cup cakes (yellow)

Sarah Dietz: 2nd Refrigerator cookies

Azalee Emmel: 1st Cup cakes (other)

Samantha Fielder: 4th Fruit/fruit & nut bread, 1st Snickerdoodles, 1st Cookies (other), 2nd Fudge

Kelly Foulk: 2nd Candies (other)

Cassandra Garcia: 4th Peanut butter cookies

Gracie Goetz: 2nd Muffins (other)

Isabella Grifasi: 3rd Fruit/fruit & nut bread, 1st Loaf (other), 1st Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Fancy cookies, 1st Other fruit pie

Tommy Holmes: 1st Yellow cake, 2nd Chocolate cake

Brandon Koop: 2nd Bread machine, 4th Fudge

Emma Koop: 1st Muffins (other), 1st Cake (other)

Jeremy Markovic: 1st Chocolate cake

Jordan Mayers: 3rd Bread machine

Emily Miller: 3rd Muffins (other), 2nd Brownies (chocolate), 4th Chocolate chip cookies, 2nd Oatmeal drop cookies, 2nd Snickerdoodles, 3rd Peanut butter cookies, 3rd Fudge, 1st Cup cakes (yellow)

Sarah Ortt: 1st Coffee cake (cinnamon), 1st Refrigerator cookies

Ashley Ruehl: 1st Fruit/fruit & nut bread

Kyle Russell: 2nd Baking powder biscuits (dropped), 1st Beer bread, 2nd Brownies (other)

Alisa Schaedel: 2nd Rolls (white), 1st Coffee ring, 3rd Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Shaped cookies, 1st Fudge, 1st Apple pie, 2nd Low fat baked goods, 1st School lunch box

Sarah Stauffer: 2nd Fruit/fruit & nut bread, 1st Rolls (white), 1st Rolls (whole wheat), 1st Loaf (white), 1st Loaf (whole wheat), 1st Sugar cookies, 1st Angel food cake, 1st Sponge cake, 1st Pound cake, 1st Low fat baked goods, 1st Low sugar baked goods, 1st Low sodium baked goods

Aaron Toepfer: 4th Muffins (other)

Aidan Wiley: 3rd Rolls (white)

Andrew Wood: 1st Croissants, 2nd Pound cake

Michael Wood: 1st Gingerbread, 1st Cup cakes (chocolate)

INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION: Alisa Schaedel (apple pie)

INTERMEDIATE RESERVE CHAMPION: Alisa Schaedel (coffee ring)

GRAND CHAMPION: Alisa Schaedel (apple pie)


Josiah Beichler: 3rd Rolls (other)

Megan Beichler: 1st Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Oatmeal drop cookies, 1st Refrigerator cookies, 2nd Snickerdoodles, 3rd Pound cake

Becky Burgess: 1st Muffins (other), 1st Coffee cake (fruit), 1st Bread machine, 1st Shaped cookies, 2nd Peanut butter cookies

Christina Condict: 2nd Refrigerator cookies, 1st Pound cake

Rebecca Driver: 1st Fruit/fruit & nut bread

Laura Fielder: 2nd Brownies (chocolate), 4th Chocolate chip cookies

Sarah Fielder: 2nd Brownies (other), 1st Snickerdoodles, 1st Peanut butter cookies, 2nd Sugar cookies, 1st Cookie gift basket

Kaitlyn Hopkins: 3rd Rolls (plain)

Beth Johnson: 1st Muffins (plain), 2nd Muffins (other), 1st Bar cookies, 1st Sugar cookies

Katie Malkus: 1st Baking powder biscuits (rolled), 3rd Coffee cake (cinnamon), 1st Cheese bread, 1st Beer bread, 1st Brownies (chocolate), 1st Chocolate cake

Megan Malkus: 2nd Muffins (corn), 1st Fudge, 1st Other fruit pie

Megan Merryman: 3rd Muffins (other)

Michelle Merryman: 1st Corn bread

Brooke Sexton: 2nd Chocolate chip cookies

Nicole Sexton: 3rd Snickerdoodles

Madison Slencak: 1st Brownies (other)

Emily Wakefield: 1st Coffee cake (cinnamon), 1st Rolls (plain), 1st Rolls (other), 1st Loaf (white), 2nd Loaf (other), 1st Coffee ring, 2nd Pie crust, 1st Cherry pie, 1st Angel food cake, 2nd Pound cake

Rachel Wakefield: 2nd Coffee cake (cinnamon), 2nd Rolls (plain), 2nd Rolls (other), 2nd Loaf (white), 1st Loaf (other), 3rd Chocolate chip cookies, 1st Cookies (other), 3rd Pie crust, 2nd Other fruit pie

SENIOR CHAMPION: Madison Slencak (brownies)

SENIOR RESERVE CHAMPION: Megan Malkus (fruit pie)

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION: Madison Slencak (brownies)

Decorated Cakes


Allison Dietz: 1st Butter cream (special occasion)

Megan Foulk: 1st Fondant (special occasion)

Josh Klein: 1st Butter cream (novelty)

Charlotte McElwain: 3rd Butter cream (special occasion), 2nd Butter cream (novelty)

Emma Olsen: 3rd Butter cream (novelty)

Brynn Schaedel: 1st Butter cream (Harford County’s 4-H Cake)

Ava Sekowski: 2nd Butter cream (special occasion)

Evelyn Streett: 2nd Butter cream (Harford County’s 4-H Cake)

Heather Wheeler: 4th Butter cream (novelty)




Luann Blake: 4th Butter cream (novelty)

Julia Burkheimer: 3rd Butter cream (novelty)

Amanda Condict: 1st Fondant (special occasion)

Emily Dietz: 1st Butter cream (novelty)

Sarah Dietz: 2nd Butter cream (novelty)

Kimberly Doran: 1st Fondant (novelty)

Kelly Foulk: 2nd Fondant (special occasion)

Jordan Mayers: 2nd Fondant (novelty)

Emily Miller: 1st Butter cream (Harford County’s 4-H cake)

Maddie Smith: 3rd Fondant (novelty)





Lydia Braun: 1st Fondant (novelty)

Holly Miller: 1st Butter cream (novelty)

Tara Miller: 1st Fondant (special occasion)

Rachel Wakefield: 2nd Butter cream (novelty)






Hannah Burgess: 1st Pillow, 1st Nightwear, 1st One-piece dress w/ collar and/or sleeves

Allison Dietz: 1st Clothing accessory, 1st Children’s clothing, 1st Sewing kit
  1   2   3   4   5


Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconBukit Timah Nature Reserve is the rectangular green patch that is surrounded by expressways

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) icon**Susan Ascher, Sobieski; *Patricia Ashton, Green Bay; Dawn Batten, Crivitz; Nicholas Behnke, Luxemburg; Shannon Bolzenthal, Green Bay; *Joanne Bowers, Green

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconAll books are on reserve or suggested, but not required for purchase (some key books in recommended section are also on reserve)

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconВечеря нотариуси / Notaries dinner Около 40 човека / around 40 persons
Микс от свежи салатки с репички, краставици и зелен лук Traditional green salad Mixed green leaves with radishes, cucumbers and spring...
Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) icon1606, Sofia, Bulgaria
От 1970 г. Green Set притежава, международно признати права върху търговската марка. „Green Set” притежава патентите и ексклузивните...
Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconCharles Stella wins Grand Champion prize in Kantahan

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconХотели в лондон
Хотелът се намира в сърцето на Golders Green,Северозападен Лондон и в близост до Golders Green и Brent Cross метро станции. Kind...
Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconProduction Information Perhaps nowhere in sports is the marriage of athleticism and grace more evident than in the arena of world champion pairs figure skating

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconI. name of the biosphere reserve

Junior reserve champion: Brynn Schaedel (green beans) iconBiosphere-Reserve for the Penan Your Promises

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