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MAGPIE TANAGER (Cissopis leveriana).

2 Imataca F.R. - El Palmar.

BLACK-FACED TANAGER (Schistochlamys melanopis).

1 Henry Pittier N.P. (IA) and 1 La Gran Sabana.

BUFF-THROATED SALTATOR (Saltator maximus).

1 Henry Pittier N.P., 1 El Tao, 2 La Soledad, 2 Barragan River and 1 Universidad Simon Bolivar.

GRAYISH SALTATOR (Saltator coerulescens).

1 Henry Pittier N.P., 1 El Tao, 1 Hato El Frio and 1 La Escalera Road (middle part).

ORINOCAN SALTATOR (Saltator orenocensis).

6 Hato El Frio.

STREAKED SALTATOR (Saltator albicollis).

1 Henry Pittier N.P.


1 Imataca F.R., 1 La Escalera Road and 1 Las Claritas (San Isidro).

YELLOW-GREEN GROSBEAK (Caryothraustes canadensis).

30 Imataca F.R., 2 Las Claritas (trail km 89), 3 Las Claritas (San Isidro) and 5 La Escalera Road (middle part).

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK (Pheucticus ludovicianus).

4 Pico Humboldt Trail.

RED-CAPPED CARDINAL (Paroaria gularis).

1 Pte de la Vargen and 75 Hato El Frio.

CHESTNUT-CAPPED BRUSH-FINCH (Atlapetes brunneinucha).

4 Henry Pittier N.P. and 1 Pico Humboldt Trail.

TEPUI BRUSH-FINCH (Atlapetes personatus).

7 La Escalera Road (upper part).

OCHRE-BREASTED BRUSH-FINCH (Atlapetes semirufus).

2 Henry Pittier N.P.

SLATY BRUSH-FINCH (Atlapetes schistaceus).

2 Pico Humboldt Trail, 3 Los Frailes and 3 Las Tabias.

MOUSTACHED BRUSH-FINCH (Atlapetes albofrenatus).

1 Pico Humboldt Trail (JM) and 2 La Azulita Road.

BLACK-STRIPED SPARROW (Arremonops conirostris).

1 Universidad Simon Bolivar.


2 Cata Beach and 2 Universidad Simon Bolivar.

PLAIN-COLORED SEEDEATER (Catamenia inornata).

2 Mifafy (MHN & OLæ).

LESSER SEED-FINCH (Oryzoborus angolensis).

2 Henry Pittier N.P., 2 La Soledad, 1 Altamira Road and 1 La Escalera Road.

GRAY SEEDEATER (Sporophila intermedia).

15 Hato El Frio and 4 El Dorado - Guasipati.

YELLOW-BELLIED SEEDEATER (Sporophila nigricollis).

2 Colonia Tovar - La Victoria, 2 Henry Pittier N.P., 2 El Tao and 4 La Soledad.


4 Hato El Frio.

BLUE-BLACK GRASSQUIT (Volatinia jacarina).

1 Colonia Tovar - La Victoria and 5 Hato El Frio.


2 Hato El Frio.

SAFFRON FINCH (Sicalis flaveola).

30 Maracay and 130 Hato El Frio.


5 Hato El Frio.


2 Colonia Tovar - La Victoria.

PLUMBEOUS SIERRA-FINCH (Phrygilus unicolor).

35 Pico Aguila and 1 Mifafy.

WEDGE-TAILED GRASS-FINCH (Emberizoides herbicola).

1 Colonia Tovar - La Victoria.

YELLOW-BROWED SPARROW (Ammodramus aurifrons).

1 Pte de la Vargen and 100 Hato El Frio.

GRASSLAND SPARROW (Ammodramus humeralis).

3 Hato El Frio.

RUFOUS-COLLARED SPARROW (Zonotrichia capensis).

2 Caracas - Colonia Tovar, 1 Colonia Tovar, 1 Colonia Tovar - La Victoria, 2 Henry Pittier N.P., 5 Pico Humboldt Trail, 17 Merida - Los Frailes, 2 Laguna Macubaji, 25 Mifafy, 20 Los Frailes, 2 Primavera, 10 Las Tabias, 7 La Gran Sabana and 2 La Escalera Road.

ANDEAN SISKIN (Carduelis spinescens).

2 Merida - Los Frailes, 10 Pico Aguila and 3 Mifafy.

RED SISKIN (Carduelis cucullata).

1 % La Soledad.

Note: Subject to enormous long-term (but, since the 1940s, illegal) pressure from trappers because of its capacity to hybridize with canaries, the Red Sisken has become extremely rare throughout a now fragmented range. Formerly it was also distibuted along the Andes south to Mérida, but today it is only known to occur with certainly small numbers in the northwesten part of the country. An unpublished record from Barinas state in March 1984 (S. Whitehouse verbally 1992) could indicate a little "unknown" population in the Barinas area, where we also had our record. More field work is urgently needed in the area.

Status: Endangered species.

HOODED SISKIN (Carduelis magellanica).

1 La Gran Sabana.

YELLOW-BELLIED SISKIN (Carduelis xanthogastra).

1 Henry Pittier N.P.

LESSER GOLDFINCH (Carduelis psaltria).

3 Henry Pittier N.P.


The taxonomy used in this list is mainly based on Louise H. Emmons's "Neotropical Rainforest Mammals".

Species observed only by one or two participants are marked in the list with the initials of the observers in brackets.

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA (Tamandua tetradactyla).

1 found dead Hato El Frio - San Fernando de Apure.


2 Henry Pittier N.P.

FISHING BAT (Diclidurus scutatus).

35 El Frio.


5 Maracay and 3 El Dorado - Las Claritas.


1 La Escalera Road (upper part).

RED HOWLER MONKEY (Alouatta seniculus).

At least 9 + 2 flocks heard Henry Pittier N.P., 4 Hato El Frio, 1 El Palmar - El Dorado, 4 Las Claritas, flock heard Las Claritas (trail km 89) and 4 La Escalera Road (upper part).

CRAB-EATING FOX (Cerdocyon thous).

1 found dead Barinas - Hato El Frio and 1 Hato El Frio.

KINKAJOU (Potos flavus).

1 Las Claritas (San Isidro).

JAGUAR (Panthera onca).

Track seen at Imataca F.R.

PINK RIVER DOLPHIN (Inia geoffrensis).

13 Hato El Frio.

BRAZILIAN TAPIR (Tapirus terrestris).

Track seen at Imataca F.R.

COLLARED PECCARY (Tayassu tajacu).

1 Hato El Frio (OLæ).

WHITE-TAILED DEER (Odocoileus virginianus).

22 Hato El Frio.

RED-TAILED SQUIRREL (Sciurus granatensis).

2 Colonia Tovar, 3 Henry Pittier N.P., 2 Pico Humboldt Trail, 2 El Tao, 3 San Isidro Road, 1 Barragan River and 1 La Escalera Road.


1 Henry Pittier N.P.

CAPYBARA (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).

460 Hato El Frio.

RED-RUMPED AGOUTI (Dasyprocta agouti).

1 Henry Pittier N.P., and 1 Las Claritas (trail km 89) (EM).

BRAZILIAN RABBIT (Silvilagus brasiliensis).

1 El Palmar.


2 Hato El Frio.

IGUANA. (Iguana iguana).

2 Henry Pittier N.P. and 10 Hato El Frio.


1 Colonia Tovar, 1 Cata Beach and 1 San Isidro Road.

PARAGUAYAN CAIMAN (Caiman crocodylos).

1 Barinas - Hato El Frio, 2 Pte de la Vargen and 21 Hato El Frio.


1 Hato El Frio (EM,JM,TP & MK).


4 Pte de la Vargen and 65 Hato El Frio.


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