Archives, Library, and Museum Records

ИмеArchives, Library, and Museum Records
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Personnel 2004

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Archives, Library, and Museum Records

Shannon Wearing, Library Assistant

Art Services and Preparations

David Aurandt, Project Art Handler

David Bufano, Chief Preparator

Jeffrey Clemens, Associate Preparator

Derek DeLuco, Technical Specialist

Mary Ann Hoag, Lighting Designer

John Holden, Project Art Handler

Barry Hylton, Senior Exhibition Technician

Elisabeth Jaff, Associate Preparator for Paper

Elizabeth Martin, Project Art Handler

Colin O’Neill, Project Art Handler

Christopher Williams, Project Art Handler

Scott Wixon, Manager of Art Services and Preparations


Julie Barten, Conservator, Exhibitions and Administration

Isabelle Duvernois, Assistant Conservator

Mara Guglielmi, Paper Conservator

Gillian McMillian, Senior Conservator (Collections)

Eleonora Nagy, Sculpture Conservator

Jacqueline Parrott, Conservation Coordinator

Paul Schwartzbaum, Chief Conservator, Guggenheim Museums

Carol Stringari, Senior Conservator (Exhibitions)


Sarah Bancroft, Assistant Curator

Tracey Bashkoff, Associate Curator for Exhibitions and Collections

Jennifer Blessing, Project Curator

Susan Cross, Associate Curator

Susan Davidson, Curator

Robin Goodman, Curatorial Assistant

Vivien Greene, Associate Curator

Valerie Hillings, Curatorial Assistant

Edward Mann, Collections Curatorial Assistant

Brooke Minto, Administrative Curatorial Assistant

Robert Rosenblum, Stephen and Nan Swid Curator of 20th Century Art

Nancy Spector, Curator of Contemporary Art

Christopher Trotman, Curatorial Assistant

Karole Vail, Assistant Curator

Joan Young, Associate Curator

Curatorial—Film and Media Arts

John G. Hanhardt, Senior Curator of Film and Media Arts

Caitlin Jones, Project Research Assistant

Maria-Christina Villasenor, Associate Curator of Film and Media Arts

Director’s Office

Ekaterina Bernstam, Assistant to the Director

Oliver Dettler, Special Projects Graphic Director

Amy Husten, Project Manager

Giuseppina Marchetti Franchi, Executive Associate

Donald Millinger, Special Counsel

Stefan Padvaiskas, Project Administrative Coordinator

Daniel Zuzunaga, Graphic Presentation Designer


Jackie DeLamatre, Education Program Coordinator (Learning Through Art)

Rosanna Flouty, Education Manager for New Media

Pablo Helguera, Senior Education Manager

Rebecca Shulman Herz, Education Program Manager

Ryan Hill, Education Program Manager (Adult Programs)

Kimberly Kanatani, Gail Engelberg Director of Education

Adele Kandel, Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Lincoln, Education Program Coordinator (Public Programs)

Jennifer Nielsen, Education Coordinator (On-Site School Programs)

Janine Okmin, Associate Education Manager (Learning Through Art)

Sharon Vatsky, Senior Education Manager (School Programs)

Jessica Wright, Education Program Manager

Executive Staff

Anthony Calnek, Deputy Director for Communications and Publishing

Judith Cox, Deputy Director for Special Projects

Lisa Dennison, Deputy Director and Chief Curator

Thomas Krens, Director

Marc Steglitz, Deputy Director, Finance and Operations

Exhibitions and Collections—Exhibition Design

Ana Luisa Leite, Manager of Exhibition Design

Exhibitions and Collections—Graphic Design

Marcia Fardella, Chief Graphic Designer

Maria Pereira, Production Supervisor

Exhibitions and Collections Management and Design

Mariluz Hoyos, Project Assistant (Aztecs)

Paul Kuranko, Electronic Art and Exhibition Specialist

Karen Meyerhoff, Managing Director for Exhibitions, Collections, and Design

Alison Weaver, Director of Programs and Operations, Affiliates

Exhibition Construction

Michael Sarff, Construction Manager

External Affairs—Corporate Development

Beth Allen, Corporate Development Associate

Ming Jung Kim, Director of Strategic Development, Asia

Nikola Simunovic, Director of Corporate Development

Xiaoming Zhang-Albert, TBD

External Affairs—Individual Development

Pora Ahn, Membership Manager

Julia Brown, Membership and Gift Processing Coordinator

Annie Donohue, Individual Giving Assistant

Helen Warwick, Director of Individual Development

Cecilia Wolfson, Manager of Individual Giving

Pallavi Yalamanchili, Individual Giving and Membership Coordinator

External Affairs—Institutional Development

Anne Bergeron, Director of Institutional and Capital Development

Karin France, Institutional Development Coordinator

External Affairs—Special Events

Peggy Allen, Special Events Coordinator

Stephen Diefenderfer, Special Events Manager

Gina Rogak, Director of Special Events


Stephen Engelman, Tech Designer/Chief Fabricator

John Hollingsworth, Project Fabricator

David Johnson, Project Fabricator

Peter Read, Jr., Manager of Exhibition Fabrications and Design


Brij Anand, Director of Facilities

Michael DeBenedetto, Manager of Building Services

Clotilde Donato, Administrative Assistant

Ian Felmine, House Electrician

Mohsen Hasan, Watch Engineer

Fitzgerald Hosine, Watch Engineer

Boris Keselman, Facilities Engineer

Touati Mokhtar, Assistant Watch Engineer

Joseph Sweda, Watch Engineer

Raymond Taylor, Maintenance Foreman

Fred Taylor Jr., Maintenance Mechanic

Herman van Cleaf, Lead Mechanic


Maureen Ahearn, Accounts Payable Analyst

Yvonne Batson, Senior Accountant

Jenny Eng, Senior Accountant

Renee Jin, Finance Assistant

Christina Kallergis, Budget and Planning Analyst

Neal Katz, Accounting Systems Manager

Pater Lau, Financial Analyst

Karin Schiavone, Staff Accountant

Anna Shadbera, Senior Accountant

Izhar Sheikh, Staff Accountant

Tuty Taufan, Staff Accountant

Tina Travis, Assistant Controller

Amy West, Director of Finance

Human Resources

Nina Chacko, Director of Human Resources

Patricia Quintyn, Human Resources Manager for Employment

Information Technology

Christopher Borkowski, Intranet Portal Developer

Richard Cherry, Director of Information Technology

Alexander Duncan, Network Administrator

Jonathan Jessen, Network Administrator

Paul McAlpine, Help Desk Administrator

Danielle Uchitelle, Crystal Report Writer

Paula Zaccardi, Telecommunications Analyst


Brendan Connell, Associate General Counsel

Maria Pallante-Hyun, Associate General Counsel and Director of Licensing

Stefanie Roth, Associate General Counsel

Gail Scovell, General Counsel

Ann Welch, Paralegal


Laura Miller, Director of Marketing

Ashley Prymas, Marketing Manager

Office Services

Steven Cacciotti, Manager of Office Services

Alin Paul, Mailroom Coordinator

Janet Puglisi, Project Coordinator

Mark Wynter, Office Services Assistant

Public Affairs

Betsy Ennis, Director of Public Affairs

Jennifer Russo, Public Affairs Coordinator


Lara Fieldbinder, Production Assistant

Elizabeth Franzen, Managing Editor

Morgan Grant, Communications Assistant

Stephen Hoban, Assistant Editor

Elizabeth Levy, Director of Publications

Melissa Secondido, Production Manager

Edward Weisberger, Editor

Cynthia Williamson, Associate Production Manager


Maria Paula Armelin, Project Assistant Registrar

Rosa Berland, Assistant Registrar

Carla Bianchi, Registrar Assistant for Collections and Outgoing Loans

Kaia Black, Project Registrar

Meryl Cohen, Director of Registration and Art Services

Abigail Hoover, Project Registrar Assistant

Jill Kohler, Associate Registrar

Lisa Lardner, Associate Registrar

Jeri Moxley, TMS Specialist

Jodi Myers, Associate Registrar (outgoing loans)

Marylouise Napier, Senior Registrar

Retail Administration

W. Edward Fuqua, Book Buyer

Darcie LaFarge, Inventory Control Supervisor

Gianmarco Leoncavallo, Merchandising and Marketing Associate

Katherine Lock, Retail Buyer

Michael Muccio, Retail Operations Manager

Tyler Shaqiri, Web Sales Coordinator

Retail Stores

Stacia Adams, Sales Associate

David Browne, Stock Associate

Dawn Butler, Assistant Store Manager

Nina Carey, Sales Associate

Sumitra Duncan, Sales Associate

Owen Gannon, Sales Associate

Patricia Isaacs-Ledna, Assistant Store Manager

George Kirkikis, Senior Assistant Store Manager

Nancy Lee, Sales Associate

Daniel McCormack, Sales Associate

Jose Nelson, Sales Supervisor

Paulette Newton, Sales Supervisor

Peter Ocasio, Sales Associate

Paul Owens, Stock Associate

Anne Prim, Assistant Store Manager

Lara Tobin, Sales Associate

Retail Warehouse

Desmond Anderson, Shipping Associate

Ricardo Buchanan, Stock Associate

Christopher Garraway, Receiving Associate

Gerardo Gonzalez, Assistant Warehouse Manager

Lawrence Kendle, Jr., Shipping Associate

Wayne McKenzie, Warehouse Manager


James Adams, Gallery Guard

Ennel Agyemany, Gallery Guard

Owusu Bempa, Gallery Guard

Patrick Chery, Gallery Guard

Robert Clemente, Gallery Guard

Bimal Das, Gallery Guard

Anthony Delvino, Gallery Guard

Laura Feathers, Gallery Guard

Nataliya Gerlinskaya, Gallery Guard

Evelina Gildenberg, Gallery Guard

Roydon Grant, Gallery Guard

Jamal Hunter, Gallery Guard

Natalie Hunter, Gallery Guard

LeJeune Jean-Baptiste, Gallery Guard

David John, Gallery Guard

Svetlana Kantorovich, Gallery Guard

Elina Kashlinskaya, Gallery Guard

David Keay, Gallery Guard

Irene Kieltyka, Gallery Guard

Jerry Lawrence, Gallery Guard

Winston Ledna, Gallery Guard

Eduardo Martinez, Gallery Guard

Lorenzo McBean, Gallery Guard

Junior McKenzie, Gallery Guard

Bruce Morris, Gallery Guard

Carl Mullin, Gallery Guard

Charles Orth-Pallavicini, Gallery Guard

Felix Padilla, Gallery Guard

Lyonel Pierre-Antoine, Gallery Guard

Winston Pusey, Gallery Guard

Abdul Rashid, Gallery Guard

Nadine Robinson, Gallery Guard

Sandro Rodorigo, Gallery Guard

Ximena Rodorigo, Gallery Guard

Mario Rodriguez, Gallery Guard

Rita Silverman, Gallery Guard

Eric Simpson, Gallery Guard

Barbara Smith, Gallery Guard

Sergey Solomonov, Gallery Guard

Martin Tischler, Gallery Guard

Andre Violenus, Gallery Guard


Marie Bradley, Assistant Director of Security

Chandra Eaton, Assistant Security Supervisor

Robert Fahey, Security Supervisor

Robert Keay, Assistant Security Supervisor

Kevin McGinley, Security Manager, TSB

Todd Murphy, Assistant Security Supervisor

Jeffrey Pavone, Assistant Security Supervisor

Robert Rominiecki, Director of Security and Safety

Raymond Taylor, Assistant Security Supervisor

Tyrone Wyllie, Assistant Security Supervisor


Dwayne Anderson, Security Guard

Haim Ben-Zwi, Security Guard

Anthony Buczko, Security Guard

Walter King, Security Guard

Henry Mack, Security Guard

John McCree, Security Guard

Joel Paul, Security Guard

Theater and Media Services

Michael Lavin, Director of Theater and Media Services

Norman Proctor, Projectionist

Heath Winborn, Theater Technician

Visitor Services—Administration

Nicholas Golebiewski, Museum Operator and Sales Assistant

Felicia Isabella, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie King, Director of Visitor Services

Robin Reid, Visitor Relations Manager

Kelly Robertson, Box Office and Group Sales Coordinator

Yseult Tyler, Manager of Visitor Services

Visitor Services—Desk Staff

Karen Codd, Visitor Assistant

Jonathan Goldberg, Visitor Assistant

Jessica Holmes, Visitor Assistant

Michael Lum, Visitor Assistant, Seasonal

Sarah Steckel, Visitor Assistant

Trevor Tyrrell, Desk Supervisor

Jessica Ventura, Visitor Assistant

Ashlee Willaman, Assistant Desk Supervisor

Brian Wilson, Admissions Desk Supervisor


Hillary Askew

Lorraine Audric

Sarah Bair

Sarah Beller

Natasha Bissonauth

Bernhard Böhler

Meredith Brown
Kristin Capuano
Lauren Cavallito
Alexis Chi
Tatiana Cuevas-Guevara
Colleen Cummings

Alexandra Daskalopoulos

Ursula Davila

Guiseppe Di Salvo
Stacey Falkoff
Eliza Fernie

Austin Fisher
Megan Fontanella

Shana Forlani
Ailbhe Greaney

Graham Green
Megha Gupta

Carolina Hausmann

Janelle Hengeveld

Ilana Holmes

Elizabeth Homberger
Daniela Horniker
Annie Hsu

Adriana Jimenez

Olivia Kalin

Rachel Katz
Tamera King

Anne Kingery

Sandra Kulik
Lisa LaJevic

Suellen Leonard

Ting-Hsien Li
Ting Lin

Lizzie Lincoln
Kevin Lotery

Paola Lucente

Irina Kim

Carla Melandri
Geetha Natarajan

Sharon Newfeld

Clare More O’Ferrall

Erica Papernik

Toni Pullman

Bryony Roberts

Emily Rogath

Sarah Selvidge

Marie Skov

Victoria Solano

Daniel Starling

Amanda Stauffer

Courtney Strimple

Johanne Tonger-Erk

Jennifer TumSuden

Angela Vinci

Danielle Watson

Yue Zhang


Constance Aboudi
Judith Anchel
Margo R. Bowden
Liza Clymer     
Pat Davidson
Frank Dosne     

Kathy Francolini
Judy Giuliano
Maryl Hitchings
Peter Howard
Susan Klein     
Missy Lipsett   
Anne Meistrell
Jean Mensing
Laura Miller    
Sally Palat
Norma Palin     
Fanette Pollack
Sylvia Resnick

Daphne Rosendorff       
Harriet Shapiro
Joan Stern      
Patricia Tuori  


Sonja Kuhn Aebehard

Shi-Hong Aldin

Enid Alvarez

Julie Applebaum

Nicholas Arcomano

Marcus Artigliere

Sarah Bair

Carmen Balish

Susan Bloom

Ruth Bomel

Arnease Bradford

Marcia Brown

Amy Bruml

Azul Ceballos

Tina Chon

Alexandra Couture

Ruth DeFine

Lucia DeRespinis

Robert Donnelly

Faith Enemark

Eenah Eoh

Rob Fierstein

Jennifer Figge

Helen Fried

Florence Fuerst

Mariana Furloni

Marie D. Gadsden

Jean Geater

Marcia Geier

Ellen Goldwyn

Helen K. Gonzales

Barbara Gottesman

Joan Gottlieb Siegel

Jessica Gumora

Marisa Granizo

Kathy Hammett

Nicole Haroutunian

Brenda Hicks

Joanna Hogan

Burt Holtzman

Carolyn Kaplan

Joanne Kaufman

Ellen Klebanoff

Randy Klein

Ted Klemens

Mildred Kirschner

Regina Kronengold

Joseph Lapinski

Margaret Lautner

Karen Lim

Melissa Loleng

Esther Manzano

Marlene Marcus Schultz

Suzanne Marton

Ryan Montgomery

Majida Mugharbel

Erin McNally

Edward G. Newman

Elaine Novick

Vicky Oelbaum

Lea Oishi

Natalia Pastohuva

Everett Person

Gloria Pofcher

Bebe Prince

Katherine France Provouste

Kristen Pulkkinen

Lindsey Quitmeier

Willa Mae Ramirez

Annette Schwed

Linda Segal

John Snook

Diana Snowdon

Nigel Snowdon

Buff Spitz

Frank Steak

Viviane Steinfeld

Dru Susman

Jennifer Tabeek

Amy Torgeson

Ed Traina

Helen Traina

Donna Turian

Sabina Veksler

Daniela Viola

Laura Wagner

Meryl Walker

Stacey Warren

Joan Whitehead

Joanne Wilhelm

Kristine Widmer

Liza Zassenhaus

Yesenia Zea

Ivette Zighelboim

Simone M. Zuther

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Archives, Library, and Museum Records

Gabrielle Lewin, Librarian

Art Services

Siro de Boni, Art Handling and Technical Services


Luca Massimo Barbero, Associate Curator

Fred Licht, Curator

Director's Office

Valentina Furlan, Director's Secretary

Michela Sala, Director's Assistant for Projects


Elena Minarelli, Education and Visitor Services Coordinator (as of September 1, 2004)

Leigh Robb, Education and Visitor Services Coordinator (until August 31, 2004)

Executive Staff

Philip Rylands, Director

External Affairs
Orsola Bertini Curri, Assistant for Membership and Special Events

Liesbeth Bollen, Officer for External Affairs

Martina Pizzul, Coordinator for Individual Membership and Special Events

Claudia Rech, Officer for Membership and Special Events

Alessandra Rubelli, Officer for Corporate Development and Legal Affairs (as of April 1, 2004)

Marco Trevisan, Officer for Corporate Relations (until March 31, 2004)


Gabriella Andreatta, Accountant

Susanna Favarato, Accounting Assistant

Cinzia Marchetti, Accounting Assistant

Laura Micolucci, Chief Accountant

Information Technology

Roger Zuccolo, Information Technology and Technical Coordinator


Chiara Barbieri, Publications and Special Projects Manager

Simone Bottazzin, Publications Assistant


Sandra Divari, Registrar

Jasper Sharp, Exhibitions and Collections Coordinator

Retail Administration

Roberta Chiarotto, Book Buyer

Roque Luna, Manager of Retail Operations

Mattia Talli, Retail Administrator

Retail Stores
Michela di Prima

Valentina Goatin

Elisa Carolina Haidbauer

Francesca Pagliarulo

Elena Reggiani

Giulia Sclippa


Roberto Bon

Paolo Ganz

Luca Martinelli

Valerio Naidi

Daniele Regolini

Oliviero Scaramuzza

Visitor Services

Patrizia Martignon, Entrance Supervisor

Loredana Gazzato, Assistant


Tommaso Benelli

Alessandra Bertazzolo

Sara Buoso

Giulia Camin

Roberto Cavallini

Paola Cinquina

Elena Ciresola

Anna Consolati

Paola de Troia

Elisa Fabbris

Monica Fabbro

Sara Favaro

Shana Forlani

Chiara Gasparini

Francesco Giaveri

Maria Lusiani

Marina Pasinelli

Beatrice Pasquali

Marina Pellanda

Dario Pinton

Elisa Prete

Giorgia Salinitro

Federica Tosato

Chiara Veronesi


Virginia Acosta

Benedetta Altichieri

Julia Ariza

Gustav Beijer

Ludovica Belli

Chiara Bellotto

Amanda Berlin

Cinzia Biancoletto

Barbara Bischofs

Stefano Bogo

Elena Anna Boldrin

Daniela Bollow

Alice Bonaldi

Roberta Borgotti

Henrik Börjesson

Simone Bottazzin

Chiara Botteon

Claudia Brisotto

Isabel Brito Farré

Andrew Byron Bulger

Julia Burns

John Barnes Carr III

Cheryl Chan

Jennifer Britton Cherniack

Rowena Chiu

Mariassunta Ciccarelli

French Clements

Marta Costa

Simona Cretescu

Stephanie Cripps

Edward James Cutler

Anna Maria Dall’Anese

Rose E. Daly

Mathias Danbolt

Lia Marie Daniels

Annalisa De Carlo

Clara Victoria Ditz

Nathaniel J. Donahue

Orfanidis Dorotheos

Ingrid Dragsund

Emily Eleonora Drew

Anna Drummond

André-Pierre Du Plessis

Jonathan Ashley Ellis

Guido Faggion

Kristine M. Feeks

Virginia Audrey Hart Fraser

Daisy Anna Freund

Cari Gayle Frisch

Allison Holden Furry

Alessandra Gaier

Marina Azañon Garcia-Granados

Loredana Gazzato

Diana Gentili

Tiziana Gnesutta

Jocelyn Adele Gonzàlez Junco

Alberto González Torres

Simone Paige Grant

Jocelyn Green

Silvia Gusella

Marìa Victoria Gutiérrez del Anillo Molleda

Sophia Magdalena Haidbauer

Harry Martin Hancock

Kathryn Wilks Hargis

Agathe Hélion

Britta Hilka Ursula Hentschel

Kathryn Marie Hillier

Meera Hindocha

Enda Patrick Horgan

Mamie Hyatt

Maria Paz Irrarrazaval Crespo

Mercedes Elton Irràzaval Crespo

Morgan Sykes Jaybush

Julie Jones

Nayla Khoury

Julia Maria Koropoulos

Marina Kostenjak

Eva Krátká

Evelyn Carleton Kroenlein

Katherine Krumme

Marianna R. La Rosa

Evi-Elle La Valle

Abigail Albert Lawler

Mi Ryung Lee

Maddalena Lerma

Valentina Lunari

Rab Lind MacGibbon

William Hamish Mackinnon

Viviana Maranelli

Tatyana A Margolin

Katherine Elizabeth Markoski

Alessandro Martini

Gabriele Mazzariol

Christina Miles

Yu Mitsuhashi

Sara Monje Trujillano

Kavior Korea Moon

Guillermo Isaac Muñoz Olvera

Margherita Naim

Susanna Newbury

Daralrat Ngernwattana

Revital Nidam

Maria Nitka

Hester Savala Nolan

Eimear O'Connell

Alina Maria Paina

Anjali Isabel Pala

Tamara Papuashvili

Maria Paz

Elena Ardila Pèrez

Christopher Wilke Platts

Kate Pollack

Ana Popovcic

Anne Harford Preziosi

Steven Korah Pulimood

Michael Reardon

Pamela Rech

Cinzia Reghellin

Ulrike Rehwagen

Francesca Remoli

Alvaro Callejo Roales

Rafael Romero Miranda

Lauren Culver Rosebush

Francesco Rossi

Arden Michelle Rzewnicki

Eva Salviato

José Vìctor Sànchez Cuenca

Elena Santagiustina

Chiara Sartori

Varun Sawhney

Timothy Brock Scarth

Isolde Brechtje Eva Scholberg

Rachel Servi

Sarah Shroukh

Alexandra Solomon

Marko Stamenković

Ashley Brooke Stewart

Courtney Anne Strimple

Erin Elizabeth Sullivan

Stephanie M. Sykes

Aurélia Thevenet

Charlotte Ruth Thomas

Marina Thompson

Alison Tisue

Dario Tobes Alonso

Tommaso Torcellan

Daniela Torres Gelly De Castro e Silva

Laura Louise Trelford

Sofia Melo De Castro Ulrich

Marjan Van Dorpe

José Luis Vega-Loeches

Federico Ventura

Valentina Vignoli

Chiara Vittadello

Anne Vollenbroker

Alexander Philip Samuel Wells-Greco

Jessica Wilpon

Roberta Winters

Ewa Katarzyna Wojciechowska

Veronika Wolf

Mark Zadorozny

Valentina Zedda

Anna Zerbaro

Viola Zorzi

Guggenheim Hermitage Museum

Art Services

Catherine Borg, Art Handler

Jeff Britton, Art Handler

Maxwell Bromwell, Art Handler

J. W. Caldwell, Art Handler

Brad Corman, Art Handler

Samuel Davis, Art Handler

Evan Gruzis, Art Handler

Jack Hallberg, Art Handler

James Hough, Art Handler

Shawn Hummel, Art Services Project Manager

Kim Virasone, Art Handler

Director’s Office

Elizabeth Herridge, Managing Director


Ellen Alvord, Education Manager

Katherine Anania, Docent

Dawn Anderson, Docent

Kristin Arntz, Docent

Jimmy Boring, Docent

Jean Knudson, Docent

Meagan Kofler, Docent

Kelly Mabel (Michaels), Docent

Fred O’Hare, Docent

George Pasterk, Docent

Sandra Rickards, Education Coordinator


Brian C. Zeck, Operations Manager


David H. Hutton, Associate Controller

Information Technology

Alinta T. Giuca, Information Technology Manager


Daniel Shewman, Marketing Manager


Dawn Clemons, Retail Associate

Elvira D. Fernandez, Retail Associate

Linda G. Luthi, Retail Associate

Lina Mullen, Retail Associate

Marcia B. Nelson, Retail Supervisor

Tamarisk Ostlund, Retail Associate

Ronald C. Stevenson, Warehouse Manager


James F. Antonio, Jr., Lead Security Officer

Carol K. Burris, Lead Security Officer

Nancy Candela, Lead Security Officer

Joseph Castelluzzi, Security Officer

Serge E. Cooltschinski, Security Officer

Salvador Fernandez, Security Officer

Anthony Gurule, Supervisor Security

Dustin Gwin, Security Officer

Albert E. Hellriegel, Lead Security Officer

Clifton Hill, Security Officer

Yuriy G. Hovakimian, Security Officer

Ira Jones, Lead Security Officer

Joy Lopez, Security Officer

Thomas Molina, Security Officer

Clinton Wilder, Security Officer

Visitor Services

Deborah C. Bakke, Visitor Services Assistant

Araceli P. DeLopez, Visitor Services Supervisor

Doris Fairchild, Greeter

Nancy Gardner, Greeter

Nancy Jefferis, Visitor Services Supervisor

Lori A. Klabacha, Visitor Services Supervisor

Jeanette Nettesheim, Greeter

Lynda Price, Visitor Services Assistant

Richard W. Schenk, Visitor Services Assistant

Robert (Lance) Sperry, Visitor Services Assistant

Randolph Tidwell, Visitor Service Assistant

Ruth Youngman, Greeter


Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconThe Chester County (Pennsylvania) Archives holds many records for the Gillilands, including tax records, wills, court cases, deed books, etc. For this file I

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconTestaments to the Holocaust: Series One: Archives of the Wiener Library, London

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconIndex To Delayed Birth Records And 1913 Birth Records For Greene County, North Carolina. Birth Records Were Not Required Before October 1, 1913. Earliest

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconElyse Adler, Library Administrator, Nashville Public Library

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconPlease note:  This is a combined sample of 2 separate company records from Hoover’s for demonstration purposes only.  Company records from Hoover’s much be purchased or downloaded individually

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconБиблиотеките на Манчестер и региона
Централна Публична – Манчестер, Северна Публична Манчестер, Публична библиотека в гр. Престън Sharoe Green Library, Ingol Library...
Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconPrepared by Helene Golden, Library Service Consultant For The Southern Ontario Library Service October 2010

Archives, Library, and Museum Records icon2 1 Guidelines for Developing Multicultural Library Collections 2 2 a template for Developing Multilingual Library Collections 5 3

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconArchives of the Destruction: a photographic Record of Yad Vashem

Archives, Library, and Museum Records iconLocations are temporary until the archives have been arranged and the location is established. (This statement is dated november 1, 2007.)

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