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Curriculum vitAE

Name: Senbeta Wondirad Tedo (Mr.)omer

Tel: +251 (0) 911 254380 (Mobile), +251 (0) 111 299966 (Home)


P.O.Box: 9810, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


I have experiences in researches, analysis, business plan writing, feasibility study report writing, producing high-quality and fully-formatted reports, etc. My experiences from expert level to top level management positions has provided me with a confidence to stem in to positions that need a high calibre personnel. On top of this, my exposures in multi-cultural and diverse sectoral organizations has granted me with such a wider perspective that would enable me success in my future career.

I am always ready to explore new ideas, learn lessons from the past experiences. As a matter of hobby or behaviour, I am inspirational than waiting to suit to others' views, act on my own initiative than being submissive, futuristic than flattering/condemning what went before, etc. Such behaviours are claimed by some of my friends as weakness point as, they said, is obstacle to go with the majority. However, I have good negotiation skill and flexible enough to take time to convince my counterparty.

I have a thorough knowledge of MS Office applications, presentation skills and research tools.



Degree: Master of Business Administration /MBA/

Specialization: Marketing Management

Main Courses: Main fields of study are:

Management Functions and Behaviours, Management of Human Resource, Accounting and Finance for Managers, Economic and Social Environment, Marketing for Managers, Management of Materials and Machines, Information Systems for Managers, Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications, Managerial Economics, Organizational design, development and change, Strategic Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research, Management of Marketing Communications and Advertising, International Marketing, Marketing of Services, Advanced Strategic Management, International Business, Research Methodology for Management Decisions, etc.


Degree: Bachelor of Arts /BA/

Specialization: Economics

Main Courses: Main fields of studies are: Economics (Micro & Macro), International Economics and Policy, Development Planning and Project Analysis (2), Development Economics and Economic Growth Models, Economics of Labour, Population Studies, Economics of Health & Education, Urban & Regional Economics, Rural Development, Transport Economics, Economics of Industry, Agricultural Economics (2), Fiscal Economics and Policy, Ethiopian Economy, etc.

Economic application courses: Linear Algebra, Econometrics, Statistics, Accounting, Calculus, Research Methods for Economists, Computer courses (2) and English (written and spoken) language.


  1. Baben Agro Industry PLC. Head Office, Addis Ababa*

(July 2011 to Date)

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Position: General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic and leadership management of the company and represent the company in all its dealings.

  • Provide effective leadership, functional and technical advice to all work units;

  • Overlook the management of customer satisfaction issues, supply chain, quality and other issues.

  • Supervise the works implemented in all departments,

  • Lead the Planning, procurement, and contract management issues of the company

  • Overall resources Management of the company

  • Hold regular meetings with staffs to evaluate all executed works against plans

* Part time works at this position: Researcher, Business Consultant/Advisor, Case Writing, etc.

  1. Ethiopian Telecom. Corporation, Marketing Department

(March 2009 to June 2011)

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Position: Senior Advisor (Marketing)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the usage of telecom services/ applications and tools by contacting all customer groups and intermediaries to evaluate what is lacking as of their interests/demands and what areas need improvement; based on this, make recommendations to management team

  • Study and report the overall marketing issues, prospects, capabilities and drawbacks of the telecom service,

  • Identify, review and analyze market trends, define risks and opportunities facing the corporation.

  • Conducting customer satisfaction survey, compliant handling, front office staff training/coaching, etc.

  • Managing external customers, sales promotions and advertisements, accounts management of research agencies, promotional messages design, etc.

  • Overlook the management of customer satisfaction issues, study and recommend on the improvements related to customer services, etc.

  • Provide effective leadership, functional and technical advice on Marketing of telecommunication services;

  • Diagnosis of external market conditions including opportunities and threats; market research; competitor analysis; development of business processes and sales policies; tracking of sales activities etc.

  • Advise the chief marketing officer in all matters of his responsibilities, etc.

  1. Ethiopian Telecom. Corporation, Facilities Management Department

(December 2005 to February 2009 )

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Position: Chief Officer (Facilities Management Department Manager)

Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Serve as a hub of value chain in the company by bridging resource usage and integrating and/or coordinating all activities and processes between several departments and stakeholders including external suppliers and consumers.

      • Material management: i.e.; stock and material control (supply chain management), inspection of purchased and manufactured goods, manufacturing of materials and utilities.

  • Physical Security of all buildings and network infrastructures.

  • Insurance of all fixed assets including human resource (employees' insurance coverage).

  • Maintenance, modification, renovation and remodelling of all corporate Buildings and Facilities.

  • Managing all work relationships through motivation, delegation, supervision, team building, conflict management and other techniques.

  • Empowering subordinates for succession

  • Overall Supply chain management and sourcing of the company

  • Left-over management, Resource maximization and supervise re-utilization programs

  • Overall managerial tasks like planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing

  1. Ethiopian Telecom. Corporation, Project Management & Support Division

(May 2004 to November 2005)

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Position: Project Monitoring and Control Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure overall consistencies, synergies and quality in projects' implementation in high

performance level;

Provide guidance on annual work plans of projects' in alignment with the company policies

and procedures

Overall project coordination of the company.

Lead and oversee project management for the new projects & investments.

Supporting project implementers in project planning and following up their


Formulation and implementation follow up of Project management policy and procedures

of the corporation's projects.

System development for project management

Short term and long term planning of all the corporation's projects

Project progress follow up and field monitoring.

Compiling all quarterly report of projects performance and forwarding it to the concerned

departments for evaluation

Planning committee of the planning of the overall activities of the company and focal person for

infrastructural projects monitoring and control from start of each project (the tasks entailed, human

resources , equipment and materials needed) and measure progress daily till its closure.

Projects' database management, report writing and data presentation.

Management of project server .

Generally, provide overall support and guidance to all project management teams of the company

  1. Ethiopian Telecom. Corporation(ETC), Assosa Senior Area Office

(June 2000 To April 2004)

Place: ASOSSA, Ethiopia

Position: Senior Area Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Plan, Direct, Control and Supervise all activities of the Senior Area office in pursuance with the directives issued or set by the corporation(ETC),i.e., managing the overall activities performed in the office; i.e.; works executed in all departments; Marketing (Customer’s service), External plant (new network expansions), Finance & Administration (revenue collections and personnel affairs), Switching & Transmission(systems management and microwave, radio and satellite transmissions).

Follow up and support to all pay-stations (telecom service usage revenue collection centers) in all outlets and commercial houses and to motivate them in all matters affecting the Company's business.

Provide Monthly and Quarterly performance reports and feedbacks to the regional office for evaluation and future improvements.

Representing the corporation in all its dealings with third parties.

Recommending strategies for quality services, customer satisfaction, future projects and businesses successes of the company based on current reports, customer surveys and feedbacks.

On top of giving feedback, I forward possible solutions to the improvement of the company's service provisioning during the quarterly meetings and correspondences.

Customer relationship management, promotional work of new telecom products/services, controlling stations under the Senior Area office, personnel management, financial management, material management and etc.

  1. Benshangul-Gumuz National Regional State: Bureau of Trade, Transport and Industry

(November 1997 To May 2000)

Place: ASOSSA, Ethiopia

Position: Head, Planning and Programming Service

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning the region’s annual revenue from Trade, Transport and Industry sector.

Lead planner of the overall activities of the office and focal person for infrastructural projects from start of each project (the tasks entailed, human resources , equipment and materials needed) and measure progress daily till its closure.

Preparing project proposals, projects site selections, feasibility study and following the implementations.

Serve as project manager of all projects of the office; i.e.; planning of all project tasks, prioritizing and communicating their status periodically and evaluating its impact.

Controlling and follow up of Projects implemented by the Bureau own task force and by Contractor as well.

Proactively participate in developing strategies to accomplish company objectives and regional development goals.

Issuing licenses to private and corporate business enterprises and following up their activities to operate according to the economic policy of the country and/or regulations of the ministry of trade.

Compiling monthly and quarterly reports and submitting it to the concerned Departments.

Creating database for the purpose of all bureau activities like developing formats for strategic planning, report writing, field trip planning, budget controlling, etc.

Providing employees with up to date information about the status of all planned and executed activities in the mean time until quarterly report.

  1. Benshangul-Gumuz National Regional State: Bureau of Planning & Finance

(May 1997 To October 1997 )


Position: Expert of Planning And Research

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning the region’s annual revenue collection.

Conducting surveys on strategies of revenue collection systems,

Discussing with the concerned authorities to improve the region’s revenue collection,

Designing motivation schemes for the revenue collectors.

Motivating private sectors and business organizations towards modern techniques of accounting, entrepreneurship, cost saving and other alternative businesses ideas.

Promoting and empowering private businesses by continuous advices and training to achieve their business goals etc…

  1. UNICEF Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Field office (Short Term Contract)

(October 1993- October 1994)

Place: METEKEL, Ethiopia

Position: Base line Survey of Rural poor Basic Needs Service (Contract)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Collecting data about the status of rural poor in the selected localities/kebeles of the district under survey.

Identifying the acute problems together with the local people and forwarding the outcome to the donor for its possible solutions.

Initiating the community leaders for self help and such schemes towards improving way of life etc.

Discussing with the rural poor people about their basic and urgent needs, prioritizing and reporting it to the head office for implementation.


  • February 2-6, 1998 Ethiopian Management Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Leadership skills

  • December 14-25, 1998: Ethiopian Management Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Aug. 2- Oct. 22, 1999: CMC Computer Education Center (New Delhi, India)

Training Title: Computer Software Systems Training

Certificate (Computer Software Systems)

  • Jan. 21-Feb. 01, 2002:Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Supervisory Management

  • March 18-22, 2002: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Marketing Management & Customer Handling Techniques

  • April 28-30, 2004: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute, (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Result based Performance Evaluation Systems Training

  • June 2-3, 2005: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)- with NOKIA company

  • Training Title: Presentation Skills

  • Jul. 31-Aug. 12, 2006: International Leadership Institute, (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Deepening Change:

  • Managing Change (3 days)

  • Leadership Excellence (3 days)

  • Organizational Development (6 days)

  • Sep 10-12, 2008: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training

Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)- with Scandinavian International University (SWEDEN)

Training Title: Managing Stress, Fear and Attitude

  • April 3-6, 2006: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)- with ERICSSON company

  • Training Title: Leadership Core Curriculum Program

  • May 17-22, 2010: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Training Institute (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Training Title: Statistical Packages for Social Scientists (SPSS)

  • Much more trainings and workshops attended within and out of Ethiopia which have no certificates issued.


  1. Languages: Speaking Reading Writing,

  • Shinashigna(Mother Tongue) √     √     √    

  • Amharic √     √     √    

  • English √     √     √    

  • Oromifa √     √     -

  1. Driving license: 2nd Grade

  1. Computer skill: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, MS Publisher, MS Project, Visual Basic, SPSS, ASP, SQL Server, Java, C++, HTML & Webpage designing, OOPS, RDBMS, Data communications & Networking, UNIX, Software engineering, etc.

  1. Other skills: Provide training on IT courses in part time, designing web pages and development of systems and networking. I worked on woodworking router machine (CNC router) for short period of time (3 months). I have a skill on simple tailoring machine where I worked as intern tailor during vacation times of secondary education.


  1. Achievements:

While working in Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (June 2000—June 2011): Senior Area Manager, Senior Planning/Project Management and Support, Facilities Department Manager, Senior Advisor of Telecom Services Marketing, I:

  • Played major role in the preparation of project management policy and procedure manuals.

  • Actively participate in studying and reengineering the Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation project management system.

  • Engaged in “preventing HIV/AIDS at work area” programs and helped in creation of awareness to employees.

  • Built different office facilities and warehouses, which have solved the longstanding bottlenecks of quality service provision of the company, etc.

  • Updated the existing policies and procedures manuals for material management of the company.

  • Established different systems for managing the physical security of the company.

In due course, served as planning committee member, procurement committee head, management discipline committee member, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) study group member, project management policy and procedure manual development committee member, fraud prevention task force committee member, etc.

II. Interests:

Entrepreneurship Development/Private Sector Development, ICT for Business, Small Business/Micro Enterprises Set up, BOPs livelihood, Inclusion, Micro Finance/Access to Financial Resources, Inclusive Markets, Business Development, Business Deals or Negotiations, Marketing of Ideas, Sales Strategy, etc.

III. Other information.

  • BA Degree fulfillment research Paper Title:

Mobilization of Financial Sector Resources with a Special Reference to Private Savings in Ethiopia

  • MBA Thesis Title:

ICT usage Practices and Marketing Success: The case of Import Export Business Enterprises in Ethiopia

In addition to the above, I have produced a case study on Growing Inclusive Markets in Ethiopia: A case of Baben Agro Industry's problems of access to financial resources.

I have also produced several Business Plans and Feasibility study reports for start-ups and existing businesses in areas of Agriculture, Printing and packaging, Processing Industries, retail businesses, service businesses, etc.


  • Member of Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)



Date of Birth: JANUARY 5, 1971 (05/01/1971)

Marital status: MARIED


Current Address: BOLE SUB-CITY, KEBELE 11, HNo. 1183,


Tel: +251 11 629 9966 (Home), +251-91-1254380 (cell)

E-mail: Skype: senseetalk


1. Dr. Mesfin Gebremichael, Addis Ababa University, Institute of Peace and Security Studies,

P.O.Box: 1176, Tel: Mobile: +251 911 488266 E-mail:

2. Dr. Tilaye Kasahun-General Manager, PRIN International Consultancy & Research Services PLC., Arada Sub City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Mobile: +251 911 837266, Email:

3. Ato Taye Lemma- Indirect Channel Manager, Ethio Telecom, P.O.Box 1047, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tel: +251 11 551 0500, Mobile: 0911256844 Email:

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