1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named "Loving Cup" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach

Име1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named "Loving Cup" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach
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ACF Nationals 2010

Packet by UCSD

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named “Loving Cup” Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach country club features the torch singer Helene Holman, who is defended by a one-armed character, the oldest man present. Another character in this work, Froggy Ogden, is defended by a lawyer who has his teeth dislodged by a man who commits suicide by starting the car motor in a closed garage. Al Grecco serves as the handyman for Ed Charney and resolves to kill him, mirroring the conflict between Harry Reilly and the oft-drunk husband of Caroline. Taking its title from an ancient tale about Death’s jostling of a Baghdad merchant’s apprentice, who flees to the title city, for 10 points, name this novel centering on Julian English by John O’Hara.

ANSWER: Appointment in Samarra

2. One conflict in this U.S. state erupted when the "Hunkidori" conspiracy and the Hamburg Massacre enraged the so-called "Redeemers," who sought to oust Daniel Chamberlain from the governorship. Governor Ben Tillman set up a state-controlled system of liquor sales in this state and one of its representatives, James Hammond, began the "gag" rule on anti-slavery legislation. Wade Hampton used the support of redshirts to win the 1876 election in this state. It was the site of the Orangeburg massacre in 1968, while colonial settlers of this state engaged in the Yamasee War against a coalition of Catawba and other Indians. For 10 points, identify this site of the Battle of Cowpens and the Battle of Camden, which was the subject of a certain Exposition and Protest by John C . Calhoun.
ANSWER: South Carolina

3. This thinker posited that self-consciousness about deliberating whether or not to do something evidences the existence of moral liberty. His first publication argued against the ability to measure virtue and was titled “An Essay on Quantity.” This philosopher’s core beliefs were initially popularized in the Essay on Truth, a simplified take on his ideas by James Beattie. One of his final works, which included such chapters as “The Sense of Duty,” contrasted “speculative power” with “active power.” This student of George Turnbull, rejected the empiricist reliance on ideas as the basis of knowledge, instead he argued that sensations of an object’s primary qualities offer up natural signs to the mind, which are interpreted like words. For 10 points, identify this philosopher whose works include Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man and Enquiry Into the Mind on the Principles of Common Sense.

ANSWER: Thomas Reid

4. Computing the partition function in the three-dimensional case with a randomly chosen interaction was shown to be NP-hard by a 1982 result of Barahona. The free energy of a two-dimensional square lattice one at low temperature is related to another one at high temperature through Kramers-Wannier duality. Bruria Kaufman used spinor analysis to compute the free energy in the one-dimensional case in 1949, simplifying her advisor’s argument. It is defined on a discrete collection of spins, which can be plus or minus one, and gives a simple example of a ferromagnetic phase transition breaking a Z2 symmetry. Invented by William Lenz and given to its namesake to solve, for 10 points, what is this mathematical model of interacting spins, solved exactly in the two-dimensional case by Lars Onsager?

ANSWER: Ising model

5. This poem notes that “defenceless realms receive [the] sway” of the “bold Bavarian, in a luckless hour.” Its speaker asks what exiled Hyde, while one figure mentioned in this poem is a “soul of fire” who besieges “Moscow’s walls till Gothic standards fly.” That “Swedish Charles” is referenced in this poem alongside Xerxes and the “last sighs of Cardinal Wolsey.” This poem, which describes the “toil, envy, and want” of a scholar’s life, opens with the speaker expressing his desire to “watch the busy scenes” of lives from “China to Peru.” It was written in imitation of Juvenal’s Tenth Satire and published after its author’s piece “London.” For 10 points, name this Samuel Johnson work exploring the pitfalls of people’s aspirations to greatness.

ANSWER: “The Vanity of Human Wishes

6. One unorthodox proposed method for dealing with it involves massive foreign currency purchases. Eggertson and Woodford argue that for open-market operations to be effective in this situation requires changing future expectations of policy. Consequently, one approach for dealing with it has been written about by Lars Svenson and involves an explicit central bank commitment to a future price level, also known as nominal GDP targeting. Another method for dealing with this problem is when the Treasury agrees to broaden its asset purchases, termed “quantitative easing.” Paul Krugman has written about Japan’s experience in this state, and has argued that the recent economic crisis is an instance of it. Occurring when consumers’ preference for cash is greater than the supply of money, FTP, identify this macroeconomist state in which low or zero interest rates fail to stimulate consumer spending.

ANSWER: liquidity trap

7. One aria in this opera contains two lines from the crowd that help to situate events when a certain figure “unfurled his seven flags.” Emotional peaks in that aria come with such lines as “quel grido e quella morte!,” referencing the “desperate cry” that resounded for a thousand years. In the following act of this opera another female character sings “Tu che di gel sei cinta” amidst unhappier circumstances than her earlier “Signore, ascolta!” to which the man she loves unrequitedly sings back by telling her “don’t cry.” At its premier, Toscanini refused to continue on to the ending added by the composer’s pupil, Franco Alfano, ending the performance shortly after the scene of Liu’s death. For 10 points, name this work in which three riddles are successfully answered by Calaf, who also sings the aria “Nessun Dorma,” the final opera of Giacomo Puccini.

ANSWER: Turandot

8. The use of these over finite fields for a type of public-key cryptography was proposed by Koblitz and Miller. Adding a point at infinity allows one to define a group operation that maps two points on it to a third point on it such that all three points are collinear. It discriminant, proportional to 4 A cubed plus 27 B squared when its equation is y squared equals x cubed plus A x plus B, is zero when it is singular. Topologically, it is equivalent to a torus. A conjecture relating them to modular forms was proven in part by Andrew Wiles as part of his proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. For 10 points, what is this type of algebraic curve, of which the similarly-named conic section that looks like a squashed circle is not an example?

ANSWER: elliptic curve

9. Justice Rehnquist's concurrence in Mullaney v. Wilbur noted that its existence "bears no necessary relationship to” required elements of a crime, and Justice Harlan warned against its application in Davis v. U.S.  In Leland v. Oregon, the Supreme Court found no Due Process violation in requiring it be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, while the Supreme Court upheld the Mott rule, restricting its admission in Clark v. Arizona.  In 1984, Congress eliminated the "substantial capacity test" in favor of the common law McNaughton "right from wrong" test, and forbade courts from taking into account voluntary substance abuse when considering it in an act passed in reaction to the acquittal of John Hinckley.  For 10 points, name this phenomenon in which a criminal defendant can avoid conviction by showing his defective mind was incapable of forming criminal intent.
ANSWER: insanity defense [accept obvious equivalents; do not accept "negating mens rea"]

10.Victor Serge claimed that this man murdered thousands of White Guard prisoners of war as head of the revolutionary committee of Crimea. After leaving his most famous position, he failed to rouse the central German miners to revolution in the so-called “March Action”, and was eventually shot in a gulag in 1938. Although he was imprisoned by the government after a demonstration led by him killed four policemen, he was released after the publication of the Vix Note. Nominally, he was foreign minister under prime minister Sandor Garbai as part of the coalition that overthrew Count Karolyi, but he clearly held the true power considering his friendships with both Zinoviev and Lenin. Overthrown by the Romanians and replaced by Admiral Miklos Horthy, for 10 points, name this pawn of the Sovet Union who briefly ruled a Communist regime in Hungary in 1919.

ANSWER: Bela Kun

11. According to scripture, one becomes one of these individuals when they are “released through right gnosis,” and the best known of them says he “beat the drum of the deathless.” One of these figures was entrusted with red and white bibs and caps in his role as overseer of babies’ health, and another answered queries posed by Menander I. Two of these figures named Pindola and one named Nāgasena are included in a group of sixteen or eighteen of these individuals, one of whom tries to flatter his father by complimenting his shadow after asking that father for his inheritance. Spiritual inheritance was given to Rahula, who thus realized nibbana and abandoned the fetters of materialism, just like his tathagata father, Buddha. For 10 points, name these enlightened beings who mastered spiritualism and serenity in Buddhism.

ANSWER: arhats [or arahants or arihantas; do not accept “bodhisattvas” or “Buddhas;” prompt on Tathagata before mention]

12.Hand2 is an upstream regulator of this molecule. The disorder HPE3, which is caused by deletions on the long arm of chromosome 7, is due to loss of activity of this gene; that disorder is a type of holoprosencephaly. The secretion of this protein relies upon cholesterol-mediated autoproteolytic cleavage, and it induces the differentiation of floor plate cells. Riddle and colleagues demonstrated that this protein defines the zone of polarizing activity. This protein causes the disassociation of Gli proteins from microtubules by Smoothened when it binds to its receptor, Patched. While this protein is expressed by the developing notochord and directs neural tube and somite patterning in mammals, related proteins are expressed postnatally in the Sertoli cells and the gut and are known as the “desert” and “Indian” versions. For 10 points, name this embryonic developmental regulator named after a blue Sega Genesis character.

ANSWER: Sonic hedgehog homolog [SHH]

13. In one section of this novel a man is given a magic net after bringing back a bell from a blacksmith. This work’s narrative occasionally pauses for such section titles as “There Remain Greater Tasks Ahead.” In addition to meeting “Drum, Song, and Dance,” its hero encounters a “complete gentleman” who it turns out has leased his body parts from traders and is actually just a skeleton living in the ground. It also features episodes with a wish granting egg, as well as a bush that comes to life. Its opening section describes the narrator changing into a canoe to allow his wife to cross a river. Written in pidgin English prose and often published alongside another of its author’s works, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, its plot was adapted from Yoruba folktales, and it recounts the title figure’s journey to find his recently deceased tapster in “Deads’ Town.” For 10 points, identify this novel by Amos Tutuola.

ANSWER: The Palm Wine Drinkard or The Palm Wine Drunkard

14. Henry Ossawa Tanner’s 1923 version is done in blues and whites and adds a ghost-like figure with a lantern accompanying the usual group. Jean Francois Millet’s version is an etching as is Rembrandt’s. Oil on coppered silver and an oval frame characterize Adam Elsheimer’s main version, which shows the central female in a pink top and blue skirt. Joachim Patinir, unlike in more famous versions, depicted the accompanying stories dealing with corn and statues. Caravaggio added an angel to the usual three figures and, like Poussin, portrayed them taking a rest. The most famous version has the mule between the two adults and is considered the masterwork of Annibale Caracci. For 10 points, name this Biblical scene of Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus escaping to the titular place.

Answer: Flight Into Egypt (or Flight to Egypt)

15. One ruler of this nation dismissed the cabinet of his Prime Minister Zahle in an incident known as the Easter Crisis, but he was met with a lack of public support and pledged no longer to interfere in political decisions. A peasant uprising in this country known as the Count’s War was initiated by a group under Skipper Clement. This country, which originally established a colony at Tranquebar, was the site of a underground movement during World War II known as its namesake “Freedom Council,” consisting of groups like its Unity Party. Also the birthplace of the wife of King James I of England, this country sold its rights to St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas to the United States in 1917. Governed by the Folketing, for 10 points, name this nation which hosted the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801.

ANSWER: Denmark

16. The final portion of this work’s middle section, which suggests the influence of Debussy’s Homage to Rameau, ends with an instruction that it be played “without expression.” That section is paced by the soft repetition of irregularly grouped B flats that is meant to evoke the tolling of a bell as the sun sets over the carcass of a lynched man. This composition opens with a movement that features a shimmering C sharp major figuration contrasted with a soft melody symbolizing the appearance of a deadly water nymph. Its final section, a scherzo, that features hand crossings and repeated-note figures broken out into octaves, portrays a mean-spirited dwarf, and was composed to be more demanding than Balakirev’s Islamey. Divided into three sections, “Le Gibet,” “Ondine,” and “Scarbo,” for 10 points, identify this 1908 work inspired by Aloysius Bertrand’s poems, a work for piano by Maurice Ravel.

ANSWER: Gaspard de la nuit

17. One of her daughters caused Orchamus to bury Leucothoe alive; that daughter, Clytia, was the lover of Helius. This goddess is referred to as a “nurse” during the Callisto and Arcas story, where she uses her powers to make their constellations never dip below the horizon and forever circle the sky. In the “Deception of Zeus” section of Book XIV of the Iliad, Hera states that she will visit this goddess and her husband, but instead she makes love to Zeus in a golden cloud. In a rare depiction of this goddess, she bears a golden rudder on her shoulder and wings sprout from her forehead. This godmother of Hera is the mother of the pursuer of Arethusa as well as the mother of Metis and Merope. Credited with birthing all of the important rivers of Greek mythology, for 10 points, name this Titaness, the wife of Oceanus.

ANSWER: Tethys

18.Pentostam, Repodral, and other drugs containing this compound preceded modern treatments like Praziquantel in the treatment of helminth infections. The trivalent chloride of this element can catalyze the reaction of aromatic amines with meso epoxides to yield beta-amino alcohols. This element’s amphoteric trioxide is found in valentinite and senarmontite. This element produces a false positive result in the Marsh assays since, like arsenic, it reacts with zinc and acid to produce a black precipitate. George Olah pioneered the combination of this element’s pentafluoride with hydrogen fluoride to yield the strongest known superacid. It is commonly used to enhance the hardness of lead, and this Group Five element’s sulfide is the ore stibnite. For ten points, name this metalloid, atomic number 51, with symbol Sb.

ANSWER: antimony

19. According to Charles Darwin, this man put himself in the stocks for violating his own rule forbidding wearing knives on Sundays. He signed the Convention of Barracas with the general who executed his predecessor Manuel Dorrego, allowing him to gain power for two terms, after which he began a campaign against indigenous tribes. Vicente López y Planes became interim leader after this man’s loyal Regimiento Aquino failed to save him from defeat at the Battle of Caseros. This employer of the Mazorcas militia lost that battle to the forces of Urquiza. The May Brotherhood produced The Slaughter House and Amalia as literature against this ruler, who was satirized in a book subtitled Civilization and Barbarism about a similar caudillo named Facundo Quiroga. Echevarria and Sarmiento notably opposed, for 10 points, what conservative Argentine leader in power until 1852?

ANSWER: Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de Rozas y López de Osornio (or Juan Manuel de Rosas)

20. One of his first works ends with the destruction of an attacking army by a school of scorpions in the surrealistic setting of “Farfelu.” Another work follows the adventures of the Seven Sins and was dedicated to Max Jacob. A prodigious biographer, he depicted the effects of his final illness in the volume Lazarus, while another work begins with a section called “Chartres Camp” and depicts an Alsatian, Vincent Berger, coming to grips with the legacy of war. That work, The Walnut Trees of Altenburg was preceded by a work about Kassner an intellectual who escapes a concentration camp in Days of Wrath. In another work, this author tracks a group of varied characters, including the medical student Katow and the Chinese figher Ch’en, during a Communist uprising in Shanghai that is later crushed by Nationalist forces. For 10 points, identify this author of The Royal Way and Man’s Fate.

ANSWER: Andre Malraux

21. This U.S. state is home to the town of Winner, allegedly named because it was chosen as the site of a railroad right-of-way. Its state flower is the pasqueflower, and some of its religiously-affiliated schools include Mount Marty College. This state contains the Moreau River, which flows into the man-made reservoir called Lake Oahe, which is dammed at Mobridge. This state's sights include the National Music Museum in its southeastern town of Vermillion, as well as its highest point at Harney Peak. It's also home to the Corn Palace and Wall Drug, as well as both Jewel Cave and Wind Cave National Park. For 10 points, name this U.S. state whose cities include Aberdeen, Rapid City, and Pierre.

ANSWER: South Dakota

22. A solid gold bathtub is the centerpiece of a castle in this novel, which is filled with wealth gained from one character’s auctioneering. Near the end of this novel, that character has his furnishings defecated on by the company of the son of Karl Hartrott. The Senator Lacour, whose son is engaged to the protagonist’s daughter Chichi, enables him to witness the brutality of the German invaders near Paris. That protagonist’s skill at the tango enables him to have an affair with Marguerite Laurier, upsetting his father Julio Madariaga, who fled his home country for Argentina after that nation’s participation in the Franco-Prussian war. For 10 points, name this novel in which the Dürer image of a scene from the Book of Revelation symbolizes the horror of World War I, the magnum opus of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.

ANSWER: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [or Los Cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis]

23. The losing force at this confrontation had plundered Lucania just before and was temporarily heartened after they fell for a ruse plotted by this battle’s winner, who had switched armor with a hapless bodyguard. This battle took place halfway between Pandosia and its namesake location at the River Siris, from which the losing force retreated after war elephants left it vulnerable to a Thessalian cavalry charge. In the aftermath of this battle fought to protect the city of Tarentum, the winning commander was turned back at Anagni after realizing that Barbula’s legions might decimate his army. It occurred prior to the Battle of Asculum, where this battle’s winning commander remarked “One more such victory and we shall be undone.” For 10 points, name this earliest engagement between the Romans and Pyrrhus.

ANSWER: Battle of Heraclea

UCSD Bonuses:

1. It was directly connected to the influence of Samuel P. Snow, for 10 points each:

[10] Name this event during which the much anticipated “cleansing of the sanctuary,” as predicted by the day-year principle, failed to take place and the sun rose the next morning.

ANSWER: Great Disappointment

[10] The Great Disappointment shattered any credibility that William Miller had, but this religious denomination flourished anyway. Founded by Ellen White, it is currently headed by a General Conference in Silver Spring, Maryland.

ANSWER: Seventh-day Adventist Church

[10] This Millerite follower apologized for the Great Disappointment and published a lithograph of the Millerite prophetic chart. He edited several Millerite periodicals, such as Signs of the Times and Midnight Cry.

ANSWER: Joshua Vaughan Himes

2. A trip to Utah inspired this composer’s “From the Canyons to the Stars,” for 10 points each:

[10] Identify this 20th Century composer of such works as a “Three Short Liturgies of the Divine Presence,” which features a celesta, and the ten part Turangalila symphony.

ANSWER: Olivier Messiaen

[10] This Messiaen work for piano is a series of tone poems organized into seven books. It features pieces with such names as “Alpine Chough” and “Golden Oriole.”

ANSWER: Catalog of Birds or Bird Catalog or Catalogue des Oiseaux

[10] Like Messiaen, this composer was intrigued by the calls of birds and actually used a phonograph recording of a nightingale’s song in his symphonic poem Pines of Rome.

ANSWER: Ottorino Respighi

3. Examples of these include egg-rolling in greylag geese, which was studied by Tinbergen and Lorenz. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this type of behavioral response, in which a stimulus gives rise to a sequence of actions that must run to completion.
ANSWER: fixed action pattern or FAP
[10] Another well-studied fixed-action pattern is the sand-digging behavior pattern of this genus of cuttlefish.

ANSWER:  Sepia officinalis
[10] The stimulation of this type of neuron gives rise to a fixed action pattern by triggering the appropriate central patterning group. This type of neuron was first identified in the crayfish, where stimulation of a lateral or medial giant interneuron produces a tail-flip escape response.

ANSWER: command neuron

4. Towards the end of this 1961 novel a man dies from leukemia as the fatuous Judge Clane recites the Gettysburg Address over the radio, 10 points each:

[10] Identify this work set in Georgia that centers on the last days of a druggist named J.T. Malone and the unfortunate violence visited upon a young black orphan named Sherman Pew.

ANSWER: Clock Without Hands

[10] Clock Without Hands was written by this author of The Member of the Wedding and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

ANSWER: Carson McCullers

[10] This McCullers work centers on the maturation of a woman, Mollie Lovejoy, who is twice married to, and, twice abandoned, by the same man.

ANSWER: The Square Root of Wonderful

5. Workers for this center referred to their test subjects as "logs" because the official cover for their activities was that they were a forestry research station. For 10 points each:
[10] Commanded by Shiro Ishii, name this experimental research station in Manchuria that used captured prisoners and local Chinese for experiments on the bubonic plague, freezing, vivisection, and suffocation.
ANSWER: Unit 731
[10] Peter Buxton blew the whistle on a decades-long study by the US Public Health Service, in association with the Tuskegee Institute, that infected hundreds of African-Americans with this kind of disease to study its transmission and effects.
ANSWER: syphilis
[10] In a slightly more mild form of human experimentation, in 1964 the FAA conducted tests for over six months involving sonic booms over this U.S. city. This city's history also includes an incident at its Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
ANSWER: Oklahoma City

6. A typical example of this effect is two uncharged metallic plates placed in a vacuum. For 10 points each:

[10] This is a physical force arising from a quantized field. The aforementioned plates affect the virtual photons of the system, causing an attractive or repulsive force. 

ANSWER: Casimir-Poulder force

[10] This scientist is famous for calculating the Casimir force using the van der Waals force. He is also notable for writing a set of physics textbooks with Lev Landau. 

ANSWER: Evgeny M Lifshitz

[10] Lifshitz gives his name, with two collaborators, to this conjecture which models the evolution of the universe near an initial spacelike singularity, with time derivatives much larger than spatial gradients, and finds chaotic oscillations.

ANSWER: BKL conjecture [Belinsky-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz]

7. This range is named for the commander of the HMS Rattlesnake. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this mountain range, whose highest point is at Mount Victoria, which runs across much of southeastern New Guinea. This range is the source of the Mainbare, Kumusi, and Musa rivers.
ANSWER: Owen Stanley Mountains
[10] This rugged "track" climbs across the Owen Stanley Range and passes by its namesake town. It's most famous as the site of many battles between the Australians and Japanese during World War II.
ANSWER: Kokoda Track (or Trail)
[10] The southern terminus of the Kokoda Track is east of this city, known for its Raskol gangs and governmental suburb of Waigani. Also, it's the capital of Papua New Guinea.
ANSWER: Port Moresby

8. Answer the following questions about international relations, for 10 points each.

[10] This school of international relations emphasizes the potential for international cooperation and does not view conflicts as inherent in the international system. It often emphasizes the role of domestic politics in shaping a state’s foreign policies.

ANSWER: Neo-liberalism

[10] This Harvard political scientist, known for his development of the concept of soft power as expressed in books such as Power and Interdependence, The Power Game, and The Paradox of American Power, is associated with liberalism.

Answer: Joseph Nye

[10] This school of international relations associated with Hans Morgenthau, Henry Kissinger, and Kenneth Waltz, which regards conflict as inherent in the international system, is often contrasted with Liberalism.

Answer: Realism

9. The original painting in this series was accompanied by a Harold Rosenberg poem. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this series whose 70th entry contains a blue splotch resembling a quantity of water about to be spilt onto the characteristic black rectangular bars and ovals that comprise its other entries.

ANSWER: Elegy to the Spanish Republic

[10] Elegy to the Spanish Republic was produced by this abstract expressionist, who also edited the Surrealist magazine VVV and married another artist Helen Frankenthaler.

ANSWER: Robert Motherwell

[10] Motherwell taught this artist who frequently quotes Stéphane Mallarmé in his gray calligraphy and graffiti paintings. One of his paintings, the all-white Phaedrus, was marred by the red lipstick of fellow artist Rindy Sam, who kissed it.

ANSWER: Edwin Parker “Cy” Twombly Jr. 

10. His early work would be collected posthumously as Prosas Barbaras, for 10 points each:

[10] Identify this author whose 1880 novel about the decline of the Beira family, The Maias, was written four years after his breakthrough, a satirical study of a local municipal official, The Crime of Father Armaro.

ANSWER: Jose Maria Eca de Queiros

[10] This American literary critic praised Eca de Queiroz’s writing, specifically the novel The Relic, in his 2002 work Genius.

ANSWER: Harold Bloom

[10] Between 1889 and 1890 Eca de Queiros translated this British work into Portuguese. It centers on Allan Quartermain’s search for Sir Henry Curtis’ lost brother, a quest that eventually takes them to the title location.

ANSWER: King Solomon’s Mines

11. One commander in this battle, Heinrich von Fürstenberg, was killed in its early stages. For ten points each:

[10] Name this 1499 battle of the Swabian War, a Swiss defeat of the Holy Roman Empire, led at that time by Maximilian I.

ANSWER: Battle of Dornach

[10] Following Dornach the Treaty of Basel unofficially recognized the independence of Switzerland, which became official by the terms of this 1648 agreement that ended the Thirty Years War.

ANSWER: Peace of Westphalia

[10] The Swabian War saw participation by this young German badass who fought in the Peasants’ War and who fashioned an artificial limb after the Siege of Landshut.

ANSWER: Gottfried "Götz" von Berlichingen [or Gotz of the Iron Hand]

12. One poem by this author opens “Philip worships me and I abhor him; Leonard hates me; and for him I yearn.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this female poet who criticized the hypocrisy of patrons of prostitution in her poem “Stubborn Men,” and also wrote a Response and an “imitation of Góngora” titled “First Dream.”

ANSWER: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz [or Sor Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana]

[10] This biography for Sor Juana analyzes “First Dream” in the context of Hermetic symbolism in a section titled “The Tenth Muse” and also looks at her “life in the convent.”

ANSWER: Sor Juana, or, the Traps of Faith

[10] Traps of Faith was written by this author who based his “Vrindaban” on his ambassadorship in India and who wrote a poem in which each line corresponds to a day on the Aztec calendar.

ANSWER: Octavio Paz Lozano

13. This event saw soldiers onboard the steamboat Warrior murder more than 150 Indians over two days, ignoring a white flag waved on the first day. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this event that occurred in the aftermath of the Battle of Wisconsin Heights, and involved a militia firing under the command of General Henry Atkinson.

ANSWER: Bad Axe Massacre

[10] The Bad Axe Massacre spelled the end of this war that was fought for possession of lands in the Michigan and Illinois territories against the leader of the Kickapoo, Fox, and Sauk tribes.

ANSWER: Black Hawk War

[10] Abraham Lincoln might have buried the dead following this May 1832 battle during the Black Hawk War, in which all but 12 of 275 Illinois militia led by the eponymous general retreated after seeing several Sauk warriors.

ANSWER: Battle of Stillman’s Run [or Battle of Sycamore Creek; or Battle of Old Man’s Creek]

14. It was created over the course of three days from such materials as the milk of a fertile cow and the fleeces of a summer lamb, for 10 points each:

[10] Identify this mythological talisman that consisted of a salt mill, a flour mill, and a money mill, and ensured that its owner would have lasting prosperity and power.  It was created by Ilmarinen.

ANSWER: the Sampo

[10] This shape-shifting Queen of Pohjola stole the Sampo from Kalevala.


[10] Before he spearheads the mission to recover the Sampo, Vainamoinen ends up wooing this young Lapp woman, the sister of Joukahainen.


15. Identify these novels written by Wilkie Collins, for 10 points each.

[10] Captain Wragge assists Magdalen in obtaining her inheritance in this novel that focuses on the societal consequences of Andrew Vanstone’s fathering of his illegitimate daughters.


[10] This novel ends with the marriage of Rachel and Franklin after it is clear that Ablewhite pocketed the title Indian jewel first stolen by Colonel Herncastle.

ANSWER: The Moonstone

[10] In this anti-Catholic novel, Romayne is wracked with the guilt of having killed a man in a duel, but foils Father Benwell’s attempts to bring his estate of Vange under the Church’s control.

ANSWER: The Black Robe

16. Name some things from the exciting world of taphonomy, the study of fossils burial, for 10 points each:

[10] Craig and Hallam devised a classification scheme distinguishing fossils buried in situ, termed fossil communities, from this class of fossil arrangements, which were further subdivided into indigenous, exotic, or remanie (ruh-MAH-nee-YAY) groupings.

ANSWER: thanatocoenosis or death assemblage

[10] This is the study of the geometry, composition, and time relations of layers of rock. The bio- or paleontologic subfield of this science is concerned with the spatial distribution and temporal relations of fossils.

ANSWER: stratigraphy

[10] In addition to stratigraphy, another component of taphonomy is diagenesis, the changes fossil materials undergo during lithification. One such change is the replacement of calcium carbonate by this mineral, calcium magnesium carbonate.

ANSWER: dolomite [accept exciting word forms like dolomitization]

17. It opposes the metaphysics of Kant, Hegel, and Heidegger. For 10 points each,

[10] Name this work which includes sections like “Relationship to Ontology” and “Freedom: Metacritique of Practical Reason.”

ANSWER: Negative Dialectics

[10] This Frankfurt school philosopher wrote Negative Dialectics in addition to co-writing Dialectic of Enlightenment with Max Horkheimer.

ANSWER: Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno

[10] This other work by Adorno takes its name from a minor Aristotelian text; in it Adorno addresses that honest life is impossible in today’s society and talks about subjects like the subversive nature of toys, among other things.

ANSWER: Minima Moralia

18. Name the following things about chelation for 10 points each:

[10] This term is used to describe ligands, like chelating agents, that can bind two or more atoms to a central coordinating atom.

ANSWER: multidentate or polydentate (accept word forms)

[10] Like BAPTA, this tetraacetic acid selectively chelates calcium ions. It can be used to elute substances bound to calmodulin, such as TAP-tagged proteins.


[10] In the body, poorly chelated iron can catalyze this reaction, the metal-catalyzed reduction of hydrogen peroxide to yield hydroxyl radicals.

ANSWER: Fenton reaction

19. For his latest film, this director adapted Alan Ayckbourn’s Private Fears in Public Places. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this director who portrayed an actress’s affair with a Japanese architect in his Hiroshima mon amour.

ANSWER: Alain Resnais

[10] Alain Robbe-Grillet wrote the screenplay for this Resnais film in which one still shows trees casting no shadow while couples cast long ones. This film about “A,” “X,” and “M” was based on the novel The Invention of Morel.

ANSWER: Last Year in Marienbad [or Last Year at Marienbad; or L'Année dernière à Marienbad]

[10] Resnais’ first film in English, this work largely takes place in the mind of sleeping writer Clive Langham, played by John Gielgud, who is visualizing the scenes of his latest novel.

ANSWER: Providence

20. This empire was founded by the scholar Usman dan Fodio and its powerful cities included Kano, For ten points each:

[10] Identify this Fulani caliphate whose notable rulers included Mohammed Bello and which was named after its capital, a city in modern Nigeria.

ANSWER: Sokoto caliphate

[10] The Sokoto Caliphate was formed from pieces of the Mali empire, which had been founded by this dude who waged war on Sumanguru at Kirina.

ANSWER: Sundiata Keita

[10] The rise of the Sokoto Caliphate was checked by this competing faction under Muhammad al-Amin al Kanemi, a political leader who had supplanted this ruling dynasty of Kanem Bornu.

ANSWER: the Sayfawa

The first known stars to bear this designation were V1396 Cygni and AT Microscopii. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this kind of star that becomes dramatically brighter in a matter of minutes. Barnard’s Star might be one of these, and Wolf 359 is certainly one.

ANSWER: flare star

[10] The best known flare star is this one, which is sometimes named after its discoverer, William Jacob Luyten. This namesake star of the sixth-closest system to Earth is a red giant.

ANSWER: UV Ceti [or Gliese 85; or Luyten 726-8]

[10] UV Ceti names its own class of this kind, in which the brightness of the star changes via luminosity or other means. You might know the T Tauri, RR Lyrae, and Cepheid kinds.

ANSWER: variable stars


1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconEltern-info – Sperre der Ortsdurchfahrt Bad Oberdorf Bad Hindelang, 05. 10. 2011

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach icon1) One character in this work, with his syphilitic death imminent, plans to give another character a calling card marked by a black cross. The protagonist proclaims at one point in this work that she has only thirty-one hours to live, coinciding with the end of her (*)

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconAdrenalin Arena Cup Open Ist and iind cup General Competition Rules

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconIf Loving You is Wrong (I don’t Want to be Right)

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconIn loving and profound gratitude for her prayer, support and sacrifice in many ways without which this book might never have been written

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1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconHow the Danish coach Morten Olsen must wish he

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1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconFirst breath of adams county

1. One character in this novel is a waiter with bad breath named \"Loving Cup\" Bertha, who has sex with Mimi in the Dew Drop Club. In this novel, the Stage Coach iconAgrifood Club alongside Vinitaly, Sol and Enolitech until tomorrow agrifood club – golosario award

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